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Making auto glass repair and replacement in Dallas, Texas cheaper, Top Windshield Replacement wants you to feel comfortable when shopping for auto glass. That is why we are promoting our new low prices and lifetime guarantee. We tell you up front how much it costs, with no hidden fees. Choose Top Windshield Replacement for all your auto glass needs.
Top Windshield Replacement is owned and operated, we at 13930 Montfort Drive, Dallas Texas 75240. Our office hours are 7am to 7pm Pacific, Monday through Friday. If you would like to contact us, please see our Contact Us page.

Living in Dallas can come with lots of challenges that accompany living in a big busy city. Having to deal with a car glass repair can lead to increased stress levels when you don’t know where to find a professional and reputable car windshield repair company to help you take care of your damaged car glass. If you ever find yourself in this kind of problem, you need to get in touch with Top Windshield Replacement Dallas Company to save you the stress and complications that come with driving your car around town with a damaged windshield.

Fast and affordable car glass repairs

As a professional auto glass replacement company in Dallas, we carry out the repair and replacement of your car windshield with all the professionalism and expertise the task requires. As an experienced windshield glass replacement company, we employ the most modern techniques and make use of the most modern tools to ensure we repair and replace your damaged car windshield as soon as possible at very budget-friendly rates. Your car plays very vital role in your day to day life and, its windshield requires the best maintenance to make sure it is in the best working condition at all times.

24 hours emergency car glass repairs and maintenance

We are reputed to be the most reliable car glass repair company in terms of fast responses and efficient service delivery during emergency situations. This hard-earned reputation if not unconnected to the fact that we do whatever it takes to ensure we answer your calls whenever you call and attend to all your car glass repair needs in a couple of hours. We work round the clock to make sure you are always safe and satisfied with our car glass repair and replacement services.

Efficient mobile car glass services

One of the reasons why we have been able to retain the enviable reputation of being the most professional and reputable car glass Repair Company in Dallas for this long is our unmatched mobile car glass repair services. Our mobile car glass technicians are well trained and equipped to provide you with the best car glass installation, repair and replacement whenever your car glass gets the slightest crack or the most severe damage anywhere in Dallas. Letting the professional car glass company handle your car glass services is one way to ensure you get quality car glass repairs and replacement that will go a long way to keep you and all other road users safe from fatal accidents. Apart from saving you from accidents, getting your cracked car glass fixed as soon as possible will save your car from confiscation for breaking transportation laws. One other very important benefit of getting the quality car glass services we offer is that it helps keep your car value high. Call us anytime you need any kind of auto glass repair and we will arrive your location without delays to get your damaged auto glass fixed in record time.

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Top Windshield Replacement in Dallas, TX provides auto glass including windshield repair and windshield replacement so call us today.

Dallas, TX Auto Glass Repair

When your life is already hectic, having an unexpected expense come up, such as a windshield repair, can cause you to blow a fuse. Dallas is a very busy US city and many individuals who reside here do not have any time to waste. They are very thankful for the companies that help them keep their heads on straight, such as, mobile auto windshield replacement companies.

When to Go to a Mobile Auto Windshield Repair and Replacement Company

When you discover that your windshield has a crack or scratch it is wise to go seek the assistance of a mobile auto windshield repair and replacement company in Dallas, Texas. They will send professional, licensed, and insured technicians over to your address to fix your windshield on the spot. You will not have to worry about experiencing any sort of inconveniences at all. However, keep in mind that if you allow the crack or scratch to become larger you will have to have your entire windshield replaced, and repairing it will no longer be an option. With mobile auto windshield repair companies in Dallas, Texas you never have to worry about taking your car to a garage ever again.

Why You Should Avoid Windshield Repair Garages

Sometimes individuals think that it is wiser to go to a windshield repair garage. This is something we recommend you do not do for numerous reasons. The staff at repair garages are usually not licensed, insured, or experienced. You will find their customer support agents to be rude and inexperienced. Usually you will find that they do not have their prices clearly listed. It is not a surprise to see a bill with a bunch of hidden fees listed. The worst part is it can take days for them to fix your car. Sometimes, when customers pay extra, they are able to cut down their wait time by a couple of hours. But, with a mobile auto windshield repair company they have people on call to make sure that you are able to be serviced in a timely manner. You never have to leave your home to get the repairs made since they bring their techniques with them in their mobile service van. Usually, you are able to save more money when you go to a professional windshield repair or replacement service in Dallas. They will make sure that they provide you with the best service possible so all of your needs are met.

DIY Kits

If you just have a minor damage made to your windshield you may be able to purchase a DIY kit from your local auto store that allows you to fix your windshield yourself. The kits are budget friendly and they allow you to have your windshield repaired in no more than an hour. The kits come with an instruction manual and a tutorial video, which walks you through the entire process. You do have to have had mechanical or technical training to be able to fix your windshield at home yourself. However, keep in mind you will have to follow the directions and by attempting to perform the duties yourself you are going to be the one held responsible for any further damage that occurs.

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Great customer service especially from interacting with Dfitw. Car was taken care of, looks great.